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Special Effects Atlantic Ltd. has provided physical special effects co-ordination and supervision, as well as highly trained crews with state-of-the art special effects equipment, for over 30 years. SEA Ltd. has built its reputation on providing filmmakers with the physical SFX they require to achieve their artistic visions.

Always respectful of the constraints of budgets and schedules, SEA Ltd. works with directors, producers, production designers and visual effects supervisors to create special effects on any scale in a safe and timely fashion.

Fully licensed and equipped, SEA Ltd. works on film productions throughout the Maritime provinces, as well as with SFX partners in the rest of Canada and around the world. Please contact us to discuss your upcoming project.

Gary R. Coates



As federally licensed pyrotechnicians, we are fully authorized to create everything from bullet hits on actors to massive explosions on land and marine based productions. We have in the past supplied ordinance attack simulations aboard Canadian naval vessels for training exercises.


From a few dew drops on the windows to a full blown Nor'easter, we have the equipment and expertise to handle all of your water requirements, including dump tanks up to 1000 gallons and water cannons large enough to create breaking waves across the bows of ships.


We regularly supply snow dressing for film and television using a variety of real and artificial products. Our technical expertise includes dynamic descending and blowing snow effects.


With wind machines of all sizes, we create wind and weather effects of varying types and intensities. In addition to open-water filming, we specialize in the creation of storm sequences on land.


From interior atmosphere to banks of fog so large you can lose a ship in, we create it all. We specialize in marine-based SFX and ship born fog generation.

Custom Rigging

SEA Ltd. regularly constructs custom rigs for moving talent, set pieces, and camera positions. We also create water and wave making equipment, which simulates the natural pattern of water movement. We custom-make water tanks to film within, around, and through.

Our work includes pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical systems.


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